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Tiny little ball of new life!!


Life is soooooo strange lately ahaha always gettin myself in the weirdest //funniest situations!!!!!! Ohh man…. This life!!!


The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home

when your bored one day, can you take heaps of photos of all your favourite clothes and show us your style.. im interested by your vibe


Haha trippy question! Maybe baby


 Eva —  Victor Karlovich Shtemberg (b.1863)

Ahhh to be back with my papa, my infinite soul mate.

Reaching the Edge

"When we reach an edge in our process and are about to have a potential breakthrough, the psyche will oftentimes express itself in synchronistic phenomena. This is a sign that we have touched the archetypal dimension of our being, a deeper part of ourselves which transcends our limited personal process. We can then discover that we are merely playing a role in a deeper cosmic play, a “divine drama of Incarnation.” Having fallen through the rabbit hole, we find ourselves in a parallel universe where everything becomes symbolic, which is the language of dreams. It is as if the world is an oracle and events in our lives are divinely choreographed so as to reveal something to us beyond our habitual everyday perceptions. Enveloped by a world that is synchronistically expressing and revealing the psyche, we can realize that the psyche is not only in us, but also that we are within the psyche. To know this is to realize the dreamlike nature of reality.

Edge phenomena show the potential of the psyche to split-off and disassociate. If we don’t get distracted by these edge phenomena, but rather stay with the deeper process that is trying to unfold, we can experience a genuine breakthrough. If our alchemical container is strong enough to hold the pressure when these edge phenomena are reached, we then become quantum meta-physicists. We continually re-associate, till we re-member, and re-assimilate long lost parts of ourselves. This is true soul retrieval. To split is a postponement and distraction; it is to miss the opportunity of full incarnation, which is what life is all about.”

~Paul Levy

Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy Florale